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        Processing and Application of Fly Ash

        Fly ash lightweight heat-resistant thermal insulation brick is made of fly ash, burnt stone, soft soil and wood chips. It has high thermal insulation efficiency, fire resistance, and low thermal conductivity, which can reduce the thickness of the furnace wall, Shorten the firing time, reduce fuel consumption, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce costs. Fly ash has applications in many aspects, as follows:
        Fly ash replaces clay raw materials to produce cement. Fly ash ingredients can be used in cement production to produce low-temperature synthetic cement by using fly ash as cement mixture. The production principle is that the compound is first steam cured to generate hydrate, and then dehydrated and low-temperature solid-phase reaction to form cement minerals.
        Adding fly ash to concrete saves a lot of cement and fine aggregates, reduces water consumption, improves the workability of concrete mixtures, and enhances the pumpability of concrete; at the same time, it reduces the creep of concrete, Reduce the heat of hydration and thermal expansion, improve the impermeability of concrete, and increase the decoration of concrete.
        Now, the new national standard first-class concrete technology that uses high-quality fly ash and high-efficiency water reducing agent composite technology to produce high-grade concrete is developing rapidly throughout the country. At the same time, high-quality fly ash is especially suitable for the preparation of pumped concrete, mass concrete, impermeable structural concrete, sulfate-resistant concrete and soft water-resistant concrete, underground and underwater engineering concrete, grouting concrete and roller compacted concrete, etc. National standard secondary and tertiary concrete.
        Fly ash can also be used in construction products. For example, steamed fly ash bricks are made of power plant fly ash and quicklime or other alkaline activators as the main raw materials. They can also be mixed with an appropriate amount of gypsum, and a certain amount of aggregate such as cinder or wat


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